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Road Reverie

October 15, 2011

Tags: The Writing Life, The Traveling Life, The Reading Life

Tumble down my rabbit hole--a literary travel writing web experiment.

Twelve literary travel writing pieces with creative links. The fun part of a scholarly project about literature in cyberspace. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

After all, where else can you find poetic Bathroom Graffiti from an Arizona Truck Stop?

Or a Bumper Sticker Poem?

(Originally published: Kairos Journal 15.2)

A Fun, Quirky Little Q&A with Scribe

October 1, 2011

Tags: The Writing Life, The Reading Life

I just did this quirky-fun Q&A for my upcoming WLT class in Scribe. Loved it!

Hey, you never know what a writer will say when asked crazy questions...

The Scribe Q&A with Novelist Lynda Rutledge

Want To Be a Writer?
Lynda's twittery writing
advice column

Column #1:

Want to be a writer?
• Read.
• Read.
• Did I mention you should read?
• Read cereal boxes, read ads, read old magazines in waiting rooms, read good books, read bad books, read everything, anytime, anywhere.
• Read so much your mind's awash with words...
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Lynda's Twittery Wrtg Advice Column #1

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