Texas Library Association -2013 Lariat List Winner

April 29, 2013

Tags: Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale, The Reading Life

VERY happy to announce that Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale has been named to the Texas Library Association's LARIAT LIST as one of the 25 Best Novels published in 2012!!!

Here's the entire winning list for others you might enjoy (because if you can't trust a librarian who can you trust, right? Bless them all.)

Texas Library Association's 2013 Lariat List Award Winners

Want To Be a Writer?
Lynda's twittery writing
advice column

Column #1:

Want to be a writer?
• Read.
• Read.
• Did I mention you should read?
• Read cereal boxes, read ads, read old magazines in waiting rooms, read good books, read bad books, read everything, anytime, anywhere.
• Read so much your mind's awash with words...
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Lynda's Twittery Wrtg Advice Column #1

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