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Google Art Project & a Gilded Age Mansion Peek

Seen the latest Google feature called: Google Art Project?

If you're like me, and happen to be the type of museum-goer who inches near to see the paint globs up close and personal when the guard isn't looking, this site's for you. It's the next best thing to being there. You can zoom in closer than real life ever allows without face time with museum personnel.

My favorite: NYC's Frick Collection. Why? It's an actual mansion with priceless paintings on the walls over furniture like God meant art to be, built by one of the country's original "robber barons" named Henry Clay Frick in the middle of Manhattan and filled with these amazing paintings. As the mission statement explains it: "To offer a singular and memorable experience for the visiting public, providing an engaging view of life in the Gilded Age." When I think of mansions filled with priceless things, searching for, say, inspiration to write about such things, I always think of this one first. It's an electric experience if you ever get to visit. Until then, we can all now take a peek from home:

Google Art Project: Frick Museum's Living Room

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