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Twitter "Head of Culture" Creates/Sends Real Letters

True confession:

I probably wouldn't be a writer if I hadn't been born in the computer era. Even typewriters would have taxed my patience and my A.D.D. need to fiddle with every word on the page. And editing a handwritten piece...how did they do that? But oh how I love the idea of pen and paper, the feel and texture of both.

So as a twitterer-in-training, when I heard that one of the twitter execs had her own letter press and actually wrote "real" snail mail letters, I felt my heart flutter. It wasn't just me; it was the human condition. There is something low tech about our souls, no matter how hi-tech our minds and modern tools might be. If you agree, you'll love this Wall Street Journal article by Katie Rosman about it. QUOTE: "I think there are a lot of us who live frantic, digital lives and long to make things with our hands."

Wall St. Journal: Lead Tweets at Twitter
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