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New Novel

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Q: What's it about?

A: Inspired by a true 1930s story, it's a century-spanning tale with a dead man's diary, a hurricane, the Great Depression, a cross-country trip, a Dust Bowl farmboy, a mysterious woman, a crusty zoo keeper, historical figures and headlines, humor, drama, mayhem, unrequited love, miscreants, reprobates...

              ...and did I mention giraffes?

 Part historical adventure saga, part coming-of-age/love story, it's a wild ride across Depression-era America set against a 21st century endangered-species backdrop, exploring what it means to be changed by animals, by strangers, by time, by the open road, and by a single story told before it's too late.


West with Giraffes


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{Available in Hardback, Paperback, Audio and Kindle e-book}