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When is a Yard Sale 1,223,200 yards long?

When it's 695 miles from Michigan to Alabama. Yeowwza. Talk about an All-American yard sale:

The World's Longest Yard Sale
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5:30 a.m. Wake Up-New Commitment to Morning Writing Time
6:00 a.m. Wake Up Again
6:35 a.m. Dog Breathing in Face. Get Up
6:40 a.m. Stumble Down Stairs
6:45 a.m. Make Coffee; Waves to Morning Person Spouse Rushing Out Door
6:50 a.m. Nuke Bran Muffin
6:52 a.m. Overnuked Muffin; Give to Dog
6:58 a.m. Gulp Coffee
7:00 a.m. Brighten; Feel Creative
7:04 a.m. Have Inspiration
7:05 a.m. Rush to Home Office
7:06 a.m. Wait for Computer to Boot; Begin to Lose Inspiration
7:07 a.m. Grab Pen and Paper Scrap to Save Idea
7:08 a.m. Pen is Dry
7:09 a.m. Begin to Repeat Thought like Mantra So Not to Forget It
7:10 a.m. Find Working Pen; Quickly Scrawl Idea
7:11 a.m. Dog Wants Out
7:12 a.m. Phone Rings; Attempt Not to Answer; Fail
7:13 a.m. Deal with Boring Issue on Phone with Spouse 7:14 a.m. Deal With Spouse Who Does Not Think Issue, Paying a Bill, Is Boring
7:15 a.m. Be Irritated That Spouse Disrespects Your Artistic Impulse  Read More 
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Book Town in the Middle of Nowhere

Texas FM Highways 25 and 79
Archer City, Texas

Remember used bookstores? They seemed to have just vanished. I'm surprised now when I stumble on one of those great cluttered book storefronts down some urban street, find myself wandering in and wandering out hours later, smiling, discoveries under my arm.

So this boggled my mind: A dusty small Texas town full of them? This I had to see. A few years back, I'd heard that Texas literary icon Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove et al) had returned to his tiny hometown (population 1,848) at the intersection of two Farm to Market country roads in Northwest Texas, and brought his used book and "bookscouting" business with him.  Read More 
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Let's Fire Up This Blog


I read somewhere that the least a blogger should do is be either helpful or entertaining. Or both.

In that spirit, with the aid of my own experience and an attitude my high school teachers awarded by sending me out to sit in the hall, I'm starting with a post about the writing life. Here's how Mr. Charles Bukowski, legendary free spirit who I bet spent a little banished time in school hallways himself, explains it via poets.org:

 Charles Bukowski's "so you want to be a writer"

Enjoy, feel the burst, pass it on.
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