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Tattered Cover Bookstore Event: DENVER/Highland Ranch-JULY 19

Tattered Cover Bookstore Event: DENVER

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale and I had a great time at Tattered Cover Bookstore, Highland Ranch. Honored to be considered for hanging...that is..to be hung...on that author's dream of a bookstore's wall. Click below for all the fun info:

Tattered Cover Event-Highlands Ranch, Colorado JULY Read More 
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Meeting Fellow Amy Einhorn Books Author Eleanor Brown

One of the MOST fun aspects of writing a novel is getting to meet other novelists you admire. And here's a pic to prove it! Here I and Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale are, posing with fellow Putnam/Amy Einhorn Books author Eleanor Brown, author of the bestseller The Weird Sisters (that she's holding) at my Tattered Cover Bookstore event in Denver this month. So great that she dropped by. We sent the photo to our editor/publisher Amy Einhorn for a little novelist fun.  Read More 
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