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Texas Library Association -2013 Lariat List Winner

VERY happy to announce that Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale has been named to the Texas Library Association's LARIAT LIST as one of the 25 Best Novels published in 2012!!!

Here's the entire winning list for others you might enjoy (because if you can't trust a librarian who can you trust, right? Bless them all.)

Texas Library Association's 2013 Lariat List Award Winners  Read More 
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Southern Living Magazine "Book Report"

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale was the subject of a "Book Report" in the April edition of Southern Living Magazine that even got a plug in for what is probably the biggest antiques fair in the country. An excerpt:
This Texas author's debut novel has us gearing up for the 45th annual Round Top Spring Antiques Fair this month. Set in Bass, Texas, the book centers around the wealthiest woman in town who after 20 years of hiding, comes out with a yard sale where Tiffany lamps and Louis XV clocks are sold for pocket change. There's high society drama and debaucherous family secrets that make for an enthralling Sunday read...."

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